Executives!! Even You Need to Have a Little Something on the Side

Hello there. Check out this interesting article from Dorie Clark about the need to pick-up a side-hustle, even as a senior executive. Just because you have risen to the top of your organization does not mean that you stop growing…stop learning, or stop expanding your skills and abilities.

Is it possible for a side hobby to lead to your next entrepreneurial adventure? Yes! Is it possible for the job you’ve been in for the last 20 years to disappear overnight? Yes…hopefully not overnight though, but you get the point.

Check out this article, which at first glance, may not seem to be about creative leadership but this is exactly how creative leaders think.

Author Dorie Clark outlines 5 reasons why developing at least one side income stream matters. Key point include:

  1. Hedge Against Uncertainty
  2. Learn New Skills
  3. Build Your Network
  4. Enhance Your Brand
  5. Grow Your Income




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