Your Destiny Lies in How You Use and Develop Your Imagination

Use Your Imagination to Create Your Future

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

What this means to me is that you can use your imagination to create your future.  Challenge yourself to make your life match your vision.  It does not matter what your current situation or circumstance is – you can use your imagination to transcend any situation that does not match your imagined destiny.

Your imagination is where you visualize the ideas that will change your life. For example:

  • Your ideas represent progress
  • Your ideas usher in change
  • Your ideas represent the value you can provide to the world
  • Your ideas are unique to you
  • Your ideas are full of possibility and promise

You can imagine your life as you want it to be in spite of how bleak or miserable your life is right now.

Your past experience cannot hold you captive as long as you can imagine something better.  Most people never engage their imagination because they don’t believe that anything better exists.

Can you believe that something better exists for you?

“A mind stretched by a new idea never returns to its original form.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

This means that once you know you are capable of doing better than you have done up to this point, a new world of opportunity opens up to you.

Things cannot go back to the way they have been because you have tasted abundance and prosperity and there is no turning back.

You will see possibilities everywhere.  It is like walking into a completely dark room and suddenly someone turns on the lights – it takes a minute for you to adjust to the brightness but once you regain your balance, you move forward purposefully.

You are here to create abundance.  Abundance is your natural state – your destiny is to live an abundant life.

The way to fulfill your destiny is to use your creative imagination to construct the life of your dreams.

Once you are clear about what you want, the universe will rearrange itself to give you your hearts desire.

The law of attraction causes what you focus on to be brought into your life.  As you focus on abundance more abundance is brought to you.

Three Ways to Develop Your Imagination

Be curious – learn everything you can

Ask questions, such as:

  • “What if… “
  • “How about… “
  • “Why don’t we… “

Practice visualizing your goals, dreams, and ideas

Three Ways to Use Your Imagination

  • Create new ideas
  • Visualize your destiny
  • Dream big dreams

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