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Hello, I am Vernon Myers and thank you for reading my blog. I guess you are wondering, “Why would someone start a blog about creativity and leadership?” Well, I am really glad you asked that question.

I am curious about the intersection of creativity and leadership. I always try to inject creativity into everything that I do as well as to continuously develop my ability to be creative. I also like helping other people to develop their leadership skills so, I decided to start a blog to write about both of these fascinating topics.

I think about creativity and ideas to find out how to mine the vast resources of imagination and creative essence of the people I engage with. I think about leadership to capture the insights that will help me to become a better practicing leader and to help me develop other leaders.

I study leadership, creativity, and ideas because I am intrigued by the thought of maximizing leadership potential by tapping into our imagination and natural creative ability to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. I believe in the potential of people to become extraordinarily creative leaders.

To me, creativity is about developing unique, compelling, and unexpected ideas. Leadership is about making things happen through people. The purpose of this blog is to explore how to use creativity to improve leadership skills.

I believe that creativity and leadership are inseparable concepts – you can’t have one, without the other.

If leadership is about change…
…And change is about new ideas…
…And new ideas are about being creative…
…Then LEADERSHIP is about being CREATIVE.

I am amazed by the capacity and capability of leaders – how they create, lead, learn, act, think, and communicate. I believe in helping leaders to tap into their creative ability so that they become the best possible leader that they are capable of being.

This blog will focus on discussions, thoughts, articles, insights, tools, and other resources that can be used by leaders to unleash their creative ability and to be more creative in everything that they do. I intend to post 2-3 times every week on leadership and creativity, so please come back and join the discussion.





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